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A Fresh Start and Second Chance for Men in Need...

The City Rescue Mission is the largest shelter in Michigan's capital area and serves nearly 150 men, women, and children every year. Beginning in 2015, we revolutionized our men's shelter, following a pattern already utilized at our women's shelter, by creating extended stay dorms. These extended stay dorms offer a variety of services, including counseling and case management, with a goal for men to be productive members of our community (through volunteering) as they work toward independence.
The extended stay dorms saw nearly 100 men transition out of homelessness and into housing within the initial year. Since then, we've continued to witness such success, as well as an increased sense of involvement from all the men who participate. Altogether, the Mission can provide a safe haven to about 100 men in the emergency shelter and extended stay dorms and to another 15 men in our work and supportive dorms. Click for more info!


Emergency Shelter:

Our emergency overnight shelters provides as many as 38 men a place to sleep in the evenings for 90 consecutive days. During this time, guests are able to receive meals, hygiene items, clothing, laundry vouchers, and counseling, in addition to overnight shelter.


Extended Stay:

Guests in the emergency shelter can apply for an extended stay after their first 30 days in the emergency shelter. The first dorm is the community dorm, where we do ask that guests volunteer some of their time at a local non-profit or the Mission. In addition to other services, we also provide case management.

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